Medicare provides a rebate of $124.50 for clinical psychologists and $84.80 for all other psychologists who are referred by their GP, a psychiatrist or a pediatrician for treatment of a mental health disorder.

To claim this rebate you will require a referral letter plus a GP Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or a referral letter from your psychiatrist or pediatrician.

With a Mental Health Care Plan you are eligible for up to 10 session rebates per calendar year.

Veterans Affairs and Workcover and Victims Services NSW
Psychological services provided through Veterans Affairs and Workcover and Victims Services NSW are fully funded and do not require payment of a fee by the client.

Private Insurance
Rebates are available from your private health fund for psychological services. Check with your fund to see if you are covered.

Fees – Psychological Therapy
Standard consulting fee: $160.00 Lismore and $170.00 Bangalow (50-55 minute session).

This means that for a 50+ minute clinical psychology appointment, a client who has a Mental Health Care Plan will pay $35.50 (Lismore) and $45.50 (Bangalow) per appointment.

Fees – Psychological Assessment (Legal, Insurance, Government Organizations)
Standard assessment fee: $238.00 (50-55 minute session).

Report preparation: $238.00 per hour. The average report preparation fee falls within the range of $447.00 to $670.50. 

The Australian Psychological Society National Schedule of Recommended Fees can be viewed here.

Fee Reduction
If this fee less the rebate causes you hardship, please discuss your financial situation with your psychologist.
We may reduce fees or bulk bill in exceptional circumstances.

Cancellation Fees*

In step with guidelines provided by the Australian Psychological Society, at least 48 hours notice  of non-attendance is required. This is essential so that clients on a waiting list can be offered an appointment and so that your treating psychologist can make the best use of Clinic time. A cancellation fee of 50% of the full fee will be charged where less than 48 hours notice of non-attendance is provided.  A cancellation fee of 100% of the full fee will be charged where less than 24 hours notice of non-attendance is provided. Rebates are not available for cancellation fees.

* The clinic policy on cancellation fees was updated in August 2014 in order to keep step with APS Guidelines, which can be viewed at here